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Saint Mary Orthodox Church, West Kallada, Kerala

Saint Mary Orthodox Church

Общие сведения

Malankara Orthodox Church
Diocese of Kollam
H.G Zacharia Mar Anthonios
Rev.Fr. Babu George
Второй священник:
Rev.Fr. Samji
Праздничный день:
August 15 - St.Mary's Dukorono Perunal
Второй Праздничный День:
March 3 - St.Andrew's(Mar Antrayos Bava) Dukorono Perunal @ March 1,2,3

Contact Details

West Kallada, West Kallada, Kerala, 691500 India

Services Details

Sunday 7:30am
Божественная литургия:
Sunday 8:30am
Saturday 6:00pm
Информация об услугах:
Everyday (Except Wednesday) 6:00pm Evening Prayer Every Wednesday 5:45pm Evening Prayer & Madhyastha Prarthana (in Anthrayos Prayer room) Every Friday 10:00am – 12:00pm Fasting Prayer Sunday 7:30am Morning Prayer & 8:30am Holy Qurbana

Исторические данные

Год постройки:
History Kallada Valiya Pally & Mar Andrews A Study of Kallada Valiyapally and Mar Andrews (Kallada Valiappooppan) requires a birds eye view of the origin and growth of the Malankara Orthodox Church in Kerala. St Thomas arrived at Kodungalloor in Kerala in 52 A.D, continued his missionary journey up to Kollam and thence crossing the Western Chats went to mylapore in the chola Kingdom, the present day Tamilnadu, so goes the history. He evangelised the places he visted, and established seven churches at Kodungalloor, Palur, Paravur, Gokkamangalam, Chayal, Niranam and Kollam, and a semi church at Thiruvithamcode near Nagercoil. In the early centuries the church in the world as a whole was a congregation of self-reliant and deeply faithful fellowships. Towards the dawn of the 4thcentury emperors, monarchs and governors began to protect and assist the church. The subsequent period in the history of the church may be described as one of decline and failure. Self -reliance gave way to insecurity, mutual Trust to mutual mistrust, true Christian faith to heresy. Critics and higher crities aro se. Misinterpretation of the scripture verses was in the air. This trend affected the church in Kerala too. The church established by St.Thomas in Kerala was known as Malankara Orthodox Church or St. Thomas Christians. In A.D.325 Thomas of Canal and a group of Syrian immigrants arrived in Kerala. Another group of Syrian immigran its including mar Sapor and Mar Afrod arrived at Kollam in 823.A.D. They evangelized the neighboring places .Christianity flourished wherever they worked. The portugese arrived in Kerala in 1502.Their missionaries imposed Roman catholicism upon the innocent St. Thomas Christians. The Udayamperor Synod of 1499 supplied a canonical finish to this imposition. The ill-will of the majority of the Malankara Orthodox Church developed into a volcano and the ejection expressed itself in the form of a solemn oath “the Koonen Kurish Satyam” of 1653 taken at the Church ground of the Mattanchery parish’ They broke away from the Roman Catholic Church, and ordained Arch Deacon Thomas as MarThoma I. Those who embraced Roman Catholicism were known as “pazhayakoottukar” and the others as ‘puthenkoottukar’. Following this a sort of anarchy reigned in the Malankara Orthodox Church. The validity of the ordination was questioned . The existence of the religious rites, and the veneration attached to the Syriac language were in peril. This anarchy set the stage for the arrival of Mar Andrews from syria. SOS messages seeking assistance to tide over these difficulties were sent from the Church head-quarters to the churches of Alexandria, Syria and Babylon. Only the Syrian Church responded. Subsequently prelates from Syria arrived here with the specific mission of giving leadership, conducting ministries maintaining the special Syrian Christian culture and the religious rites. Mar Andrews was one among them. He landed at Cochin in 1678, stayed at the Mar Thoman church; mulanthuruthy.The church could not accommodate the simple life style and austerity of this venerable precisian. He was subject to several forms of tortures there. He continued his missionary journey touching Kuruppampady, Piravom, Manarcadu, Puthencavu etc. Every where, he had the mulanthurthy experience. The Lord’s will was otherwise. He led him to the Kallada Valiyapally which he accepted as his centre of spiritual activity. Following the Syrian immigration in 823 AD, the zeal of evangelism permeated into every nook and corner of the neigh-bouring places like Kallada, Kundara, Chathanoor, Kayamkulam etc resulting in the establishment of churches there. The origin of the Kallada Valiyapally at its present site is closely related to the famous native family of Thulasserry Manappuram. Rev. Fr.T.O.Mathai Kathanar, the 24th priest of this family entered eternal rest in 1988. Traditionally the priests of this church, were drawn from the four families of this parish Viz. Thulassery Manapuram, Chanthravil, Peedikayil and Cheruthottam. The present Vicar is Rev. Fr .BABU GEORGE.-9447086599 In spite of the antiquity of the church dating from the 9th century, the church attained spiritual magnetism with the advent of Mar Andrews towards the end of the 17th century. Not- With-standing the decline of the Portugese Empire in India in 1600, the portugese missionaries exerted a predominant influence in many Orthodox Churches. Kallada Valiyapally was one among them. Many of the local people now remember to have seen the portugese inscriptions on the wall of the church building demolished a few decades ago while reconstruction The Kallada Valiyapally Parish is ever deeply indebted to this great saint Mar Andrews for its existence without losing its inherent characteristics. It is folk- lore that the local Roman Catholic people had communion with this church during that period. Mar Andrews’ simple life style, stringent celibacy his uncompromising insistence on the peculiar Syrian cullure evolved out of St. Thomas Christian traditions, Customs, rites and the national civilization, served to maintain and retain the malankara orthodox nature of the parish. It is to be remembered that. It was a period when the church’s rites and the veneration towards the Syriac language were in danger. It was the mission of Mar Andrews to lead the church maintaining and retaining these characteristics.

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