Title Type City Region
Metropolis of Sweden and all Scandinavia and Exarchate of the Northern Countries Мегаполис Stockholm Stockholm
Eparchy of Britain and Scandinavia Епархия Enskede Gård Stockholm
Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe Епархия Stockholm Stockholm
Dormition of the Mother of the God Church Миссия Uppsala Uppsala
Saints Constantine and Helen Orthodox Church Собор Stockholm Stockholm
Saint Philothei Church Церковь Enkoping Uppsala
Saint Sergius of Radonezh Orthodox Church Церковь Stockholm Södermanland
Icon of Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Church Церковь Vasteras Västmanland
Monastery of Holy Trinity Монастырь Bredared Västernorrland
Convent of St. Philothei of Athens Монастырь Grillby Uppsala
Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery Монастырь Laholm Halland
Saint George Monastery Монастырь Olofstrom Blekinge
Saint George Церковь Stockholm Stockholm
Title Type City Region