Title Type City Region
Metropolis of Mexico and Exarchate of All Central America and the Caribbean Мегаполис Naucalpan Mexico
Diocese of Mexico Епархия Ciudad de México Mexico
Archdiocese of Mexico, Venezuela, Central America and the Caribbean Архиепископия Mexico City Mexico
Ascension Orthodox Cathedral Собор Mexico City Distrito Federal
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery Монастырь Mexico City Distrito Federal
Orthodox Chapel of St. Nicholas of Mira Часовня Colima Colima
Orthodox Parish of the Transfiguration of the Lord Церковь Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias Mexico
St. John the Baptist Mission Миссия Mexico City Distrito Federal
Holy Cross Orthodox Parish Церковь Ecatepec Mexico
Orthodox Mission of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary Миссия Guadalupe Nuevo Leon
St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Mission Миссия Guadalajara Jalisco
St. Stephen Orthodox Mission Миссия Huehuetla Hidalgo
Holy Cross Orthodox Mission Миссия Ixhuatlán de Madero Veracruz-Llave
St. Benedict of Nursia Orthodox Mission Миссия Leon Guanajuato
St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Mission Миссия Mazatlan Chiapas
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church Церковь Nezahualcóyotl Mexico
St. Michael the Archangel Missionary Station Миссия San Andrés Cholula Puebla
St. Andrew the Apostle Missionary Station Миссия Tijuana Baja California Norte
St. Lawrence the Proto-Deacon and Martyr of Rome Orthodox Mission Миссия Uruapan Michoacan de Ocampo
Mission of the Holy Twelve Apostles Миссия Xochistlahuaca Guerrero
St. George Cathedral Собор Mexico City Distrito Federal
Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul Собор Huixquilucan Mexico
St. Anthony the Great Monastery Монастырь Jilotepec Mexico
Dormition of the Mother of God Church Церковь Merida Yucatan
St. Mark the Evangelist Parish Церковь Toquián Chiapas
Church of the Presentation of the Lord Церковь Tziscao Chiapas
St. Haralambos Church Церковь La Trinitaria Chiapas
Conception of the Theotokos Church Церковь Amparo Aguatinta Chiapas
St. Innocent Orphanage Детский дом Tijuana Baja California Norte
St. Sofia Greek Orthodox Cathedral Собор Naucalpan Mexico
Protection of the Mother of God Church Церковь Nepantla de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Mexico
Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Mother of God and of St. Elias Монастырь San Andrés Hueyacatitla Puebla
Church of the Theophany Церковь Nuevo Mundo Chiapas
Holy Trinity Church Церковь Mayalpan Yucatan
St. Lawrence Church Церковь San Lorenzo Chiapas
Church in Nuevo Progreso Церковь Nuevo Progreso Chiapas
Transfiguration of the Lord Orthodox Church Церковь Playa Azul Chiapas
Church in Paraiso Церковь Paraiso Tabasco
Christ the Liberator Orthodox Church Церковь Cachoatan Chiapas
Church in Nueva Victoria Церковь Nueva Victoria Chiapas
Protection of the Mother of God Church Церковь Tlalnepanto de Baz Mexico
Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ Church Церковь La Independencia Chiapas
Santa Rosa Parish Церковь Santa Rosa Chiapas
St. Innocent Orthodox Chapel Часовня Rosarito Baja California Norte
Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church Церковь Valencia Chiapas
Rio Blanco Orthodox Mission Миссия Rio Blanco Chiapas
Puerto Vallarta Monastery Монастырь Puerto Vallarta Jalisco
Merida Mission Миссия Merida Yucatan
Torreón Mission Миссия Torreón Coahuila de Zaragoza
Guadalajara Mission Миссия Guadalajara Jalisco
Michoacán Mission Миссия Morelia Michoacan de Ocampo
St. Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Missionary Station Миссия Ixtapaluca Mexico
Protection of the Virgin Orthodox Church Церковь Veracruz Veracruz-Llave
St. Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Missionary Station Миссия Chihuahua Chihuahua
Holy Trinity Orthodox Chapel Часовня Guanajuato Guanajuato
Peñón de los Baños Chapel Часовня Mexico City Distrito Federal
St. Michael the Archangel Hermitage уединенный Los Reyes Michoacan de Ocampo
Chapel of St. George the Great-Martyr Часовня San Juan del Río Queretaro de Arteaga
Title Type City Region