Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Title Type City
Saint Nicholas and Holy Trinity Orthodox Church Εκκλησία Trieste
Cemetery Chapel of the Holy Apostles Παρεκκλήσι Trieste
Greek Orthodox Elementary School for foreigners Σχολείο Trieste
Orthodox Ecclesiastical Museum - Library Μουσείο Trieste
Greek Orthodox Covert Philoxenia Σκήτη Trieste
Nativity of Saint John the Baptist Orthodox Church Εκκλησία Pordenone
Resurrection of the Lord Orthodox Church Εκκλησία Trieste
Saint Basil the Great Orthodox Church Εκκλησία Udine
St. Athanasius the Great Hermitage Μοναστήρι Trieste
Church of the Holy Prophet Zechariah and the Righteous Elizabeth Εκκλησία Monfalcone
St. Theodore the Pious Orthodox Church Εκκλησία San Giorgio di Nogaro
St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church Εκκλησία Spilimbergo
Sacile Orthodox Community Παρεκκλήσι Sacile
Holy Great-Martyr Christina Orthodox Church Εκκλησία Prata di Pordenone
Codroipo Orthodox Community Παρεκκλήσι Codroipo
San Vito al Tagliamento Orthodox Community Παρεκκλήσι San Vito al Tagliamento
Title Type City