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Karakalou Monastery, Mount Athos, Chalkidiki

Karakalou Monastery

Γενικές Πληροφορίες

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
Ημέρα Εορτασμού:
June 29 - Sts. Peter and Paul

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Karakalou Monastery, Mount Athos, Chalkidiki, 63086 Greece
+30 23770-23225
+30 23770-23746

Ιστορικές Πληροφορίες

Έτος Ίδρυσης:

The Monastery of Karakallou is dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul and it was built on the peninsula?s eastern side. It is first mentioned in a document dated 1018. In the 13th c. the monastery was entirely ruined and rebuilt by the emperors Andronic II and Ioannis V Paleologos. The next century the monastery was attacked by Latins and pirates. In the 16th c. it was completely destroyed and rebuilt with the financial aid of rulers of Moldavia and Vlachia. It was destroyed recently (1988) by fire but now it is totally renewed.

It occupies the eleventh rank in the hierarchical order of the twenty Athonite monasteries. It is inhabited by 19 monks (1990), and it follows the coenobitic (communal) way of the monastic life. It also contains 18 kellia.

Its katholikon was built between 1548-1564 and is the usual Athonite plan. Aside from the katholikon, the monastery features seven small chapels and a large tower.

There is no phiale for the blessing of the waters. The refectory is built in 1875, into the southern wing of the monastery.

The library includes 279 hand-written codices, chrysobulls, other official documents and 2,500 printed books. Also, the monastery houses a fragment of the True Cross and relics of saints.