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Orthodox Church of Ukraine- (Ukrainian Orthodox Church)


Australian Diocese- Parishes of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.


Metropolitan Epiphanios of Kyiv and all Ukraine


Very Rev Protoprespyter Fr Savas Pizanias

Día de celebración

April 7 - St Savvas Dormition

Información histórica

Year of Establishment



Our Church & Community was officially and legally registered, in 2014, although permission was granted initially- ecclesiastically by the Holy Synod (OC) in Greece in 2010 at Fathers request and his members. Church Services initially took place at a temporary premises in Kogarah Bay, until the church was able to find a permanent existing church to purchase or land to buy & build in the area. Through Gods Grace a major miracle took place on 31st August 2016 by our Beloved St Savvas and within two years of being established against all odds against those who were trying to shut us down & had attacked our Saint & community, we were given the opportunity to purchase an existing Church on a large block of land and a large hall with a smaller one with many other facilities, within the St George area and on the main Hwy. Not only was this former Protestant Church established in 1890, it was a landmark of Banksia and the wider St George Area. The first Agiasmo- blessing of the Church & premises took place on Wednesday 16th November 2016 & the First Historic Divine Liturgy with the blessings of our Patriarchate was served on Sunday the 20th November 2016. St Savvas Orthodox Church, although it serves predominately in Ukrainian, Greek & English- is an Eastern Orthodox Church and welcomes all Orthodox, having Parishioners who are Ukrainian, Serbian, Greek and many more. Our Church & Community of St Savvas the New of Kalymnos is one of the first Churches named solely after the Saint in all the world, apart from his Church on the Island of Kalymnos- were his Miraculous Holy Relic (Full Body) is found. Fr Savvas has also been blessed to Be Given one of St Savvas Stoles from his monastery- which emanates a divine heavenly Fragrance, along with a small wooden prosforo seal (typari) carved & used by the Saint himself & from Aigina Fr Savas was given one of St Savvas own icons he painted & signed with his own hands while in Aigina in 1919, one year before his spiritual Brother St Nektarios Fell asleep. These priceless treasures have been placed within his church for all devout to venerate & receive blessings. ​ Within the main Church we also have a Chapel in Honour of Panagia Hrisoleontissa (Historical Monastery & Miraculous icon in Aigina) in which an exact copy of her Miraculous Icon was given to our Church by the Abbess of the Monastery who is Fr Savas & Presvyteras Styliani's Aunty and is now housed in her Chapel with a side altar to St Euphemia as well. Panagia Hrisoleontissa had a special place in the hearts as we know of both St Nektarios & St Savvas of Kalymnos as they not only both at one point lived within her monastery - while fixing Holy Trinity but also would go and spend hours in front of her miraculous icon and pray with tears in front of her. St Nektarios himself before leaving Aigina to be entered into hospital before he fell asleep, he went up to the Monastery of Hrisoleontissa and prayed for the last time hours before her icon as he knew he was departing within days from this world. Both Saints loved Panagia Hrisoleontissa. Hanging from our icon is also an engolpio of our late bishop & exarch who dedicated it to Panagia but sadly did not get to see it be housed in her chapel here. ​ On Sunday 12th November 2017 a Patriarchal Delegation led by the Patriarchal Vicar Metropolitan Epiphanios of Pereyaslav (now the canonical First Hierarch of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine), conducted and consecrated officially our Church & Holy Altar, a beautiful service and Historic event for our Church & our Patriarchate in Kyiv in which we are ecclesiastically under. On the 11/10/2018 with an Official Announcement of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in the framework of granting Autocephaly to our Ukrainian Church, all Anathemas, Excommunications & Defrockments were uplifted from our Patriarch Philaret and subsequently ALL the clergy under him, restoring HIM and ALL the clergy to their episcopal and priestly rights and with their flock joining them to canonical communion with worldwide orthodoxy, recognised canonically by all, without exception or debate. From the 15/12/2018 the Unified Bishops Council in Kyiv elected Metropolitan Epiphanios as its First Hierarch & on the 6th January 2019 the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew gave Metropolitan Epiphanios the official Tomos in an elaborate ceremony in Constantinople. APOLYTIKIO Let us faithful praise Holy Savas, the glory and protector of Kalymnos, and peer of the Holy Ascetics of old; for he has been glorified resplendently as a servant of Christ, with the gift of working miracles, and he bestows upon all God's grace and mercy.



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