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St. Matrona of Moscow Orthodox Church, Novaya Chernushka, Russian Federation

General Details

Russian Orthodox Church
Diocese of Izhevsk
Head Priest:
Archpriest Vladimir Tronin
Feast Day:
May 1 - Feast of St. Matrona of Moscow

Contact Details

Удмуртская Республика, с. Новая Чернушка, Novaya Chernushka, Volga Federal District, Russian Federation

Historical Details

Build - Founding Year:
After the well-known events and cardinal changes that took place in our Fatherland at the end of the last century, many villagers, like, in fact, all Russians, began to really feel the created spiritual emptiness, to realize the need for spiritual changes. Gradually came the understanding of the lack of "something" such that would help further spiritual growth. And so a group of residents, consisting mainly of teachers from the Chernushinsky secondary school, headed by a teacher of Russian language and literature, Popova Galina Ivanovna, at the beginning of 2009, came up with an initiative before the Izhevsk and Udmurt Eparchy to form an Orthodox community and the Parish in the municipality "Chernushinsky" . By this time, for several years, the spiritual guidance of the inhabitants of N. Chernushka and nearby settlements was performed by Archpriest Alexy Spassky, rector of St. Nicholas Church in the village of Yakshur-Bodya. Therefore, he was entrusted by the Diocese with the solution of organizational issues. Subsequently, Archpriest Vladimir Tronin was sent to help him, since he was already very busy solving other problems. In the summer of 2009, there were heated debates among local believers over the choice of the site for the construction of the future Temple. To be honest, at that time they didn’t really think about financial resources for this construction. Maybe they trusted God now it's hard to say... Although there were 2-3 local entrepreneurs who were ready to help in the construction. But now, from the height of the 6 years that have passed since that time, from the height of the events that have already taken place, it is clear that those means and opportunities would be extremely insufficient. And here's what needs to be added. Hope in God and in His Holy Will, hope in the intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, such hopes are the greatest power! For example, some of the parishioners still directly connect the Intercession of the Mother of God before God for the successful resolution of parish problems of that time with their intensified prayers before Her icon, called "Tabynskaya"; and the likelihood of such a connection is fully confirmed by at least this fact: immediately before the Great Consecration of the newly built Temple, already - at the end of 2014, this very icon (!), Accompanied by the Cossack Procession, visited N. Chernushka! ... On July 30, 2009, a constituent assembly was held in the village club under the chairmanship of Yury Fedorovich Sobolev, Head of the Chernushinskoye Municipality. At this meeting, "the local Orthodox religious organization of the Parish of the Church of the Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow" was established. Why in honor of this Saint? Taking into account the proposal of the Diocese and mindful of the words of Mother Matrona: “Cling to my heel and you will be saved, and do not tear yourself away from me, hold on tight!”, just such a decision was and was made. The same wasteland next to the village administration was chosen as the place for the construction of the Temple. On October 17, 2009, under the leadership of the Secretary of the Diocesan Administration, Archimandrite Matthias (Orlov),

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