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Assumption of the Mother of God Orthodox Church, Izhevsk, Russian Federation

Assumption of the Mother of God Orthodox Church

General Details

Russian Orthodox Church
Diocese of Izhevsk
Head Priest:
Archpriest Dmitry V. Sergeev
Priest Alexy Bashirov
Second Priest:
Priest Vadim Aksenov
Feast Day:
January 27 - Feast of the Dormition

Contact Details

л. Телегина, 54-а, Izhevsk, Volga Federal District, Russian Federation
+7 (3412) 71-15-29
Head Priest:
+7 (3412) 71-78-80

Historical Details

Build - Founding Year:
The Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God in the beyond the river part of the city of Izhevsk was built by the verdict of the Zarechny volost meeting of September 27, 1910. At the Nikolo-Pokrovsky cemetery, according to the project of the architect Ivan Apollonovich Charushin, the inhabitants decided to build a small temple. The single-altar cemetery church was built in 1915 and consecrated on August 28, 1916 in honor of the Assumption of the Mother of God in memory of "the deceased emperor Alexander ΙΙ in Bose." During the years of Soviet power, the church was not closed. This small cozy temple, standing a little away from the main street, is very conducive to solitary prayer and contemplation of God - as in Jerusalem's Gethsemane. Its main benefactors and beautifiers were several hundred Izhevsk artisans, headed by weapons manufacturers Ivan Fedorovich Petrov and Vasily Ivanovich Petrov, and the turner of the arms factory F.V. Shishkin became the chairman of the construction committee. He enjoyed such respect among the workers that he was even released from the NKVD in 1939, despite the fact that he never concealed his ardent faith in God and was considered a "fanatic" in power structures. One of the main organizers of the construction was the priest Stefan Tronin, who actively participated in the construction of several more churches in our area. In Soviet times, the number of parishioners of the Assumption Church began to grow due to the closure of other churches. There was a time when it was the only functioning temple in the city, and thousands of Izhevsk residents gathered around it for worship. Here, for some time, he sang in the kliros and even served as the disgraced Bishop Synesius (Zarubin). This discreet-looking temple, like grandmothers, popularly referred to as "white handkerchiefs", quietly performed everything that was necessary to preserve the spiritual life of the people. A notable mark in the history of the Assumption Parish was left by Archpriest Vladimir Stefanov, who during the war years donated 569,500 rubles for the construction of combat aircraft "Alexander Nevsky" and "Dmitry Donskoy". It was the largest private donation of the war years in Udmurtia. Batiushka received three telegrams of gratitude from I.V. Stalin. Here is one of them: “Izhevsk, Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, to the priest of the Assumption Church V.A. Stefanov. Thank you, Vladimir Aleksandrovich, for your concern for the air forces of the Red Army. Your wish will be fulfilled. Please accept my regards. I.V. Stalin. Maybe that's why the temple was not subjected to repression. In those fiery years, as in the days of Kozma Minin, people gave everything they needed for the Great Victory. Priests Venedikt Raevsky and Andrei Volkov, who were shot by the authorities in 1938, were surrounded by great love among the parishioners. In the post-war years, the most beloved priests were the priests Grigory Grachev, Viktor Semin, Stefan Zorin, whose grave is in the church fence. Archdeacon Nikolai Pokrovsky is also buried here. In August 2015, the honored rector of the temple, miter archpriest Evgeny Laptev, passed away to the Lord, his grave is located behind the altar of the temple. Among the most revered shrines of the temple is the miraculous Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, which previously stood in the side aisle, but miraculously announced that it should be installed in the center of the temple. In 2003, at the start of repairs on the wall of the left aisle, under a layer of soot, a large icon of the Dormition was discovered, painted on canvas and pasted on the wall. No one has seen her before, and the old-timers do not know how she got there. Parishioners keep the bells that were once thrown from the St. Nicholas Church, which was later blown up. The clergy of the Assumption Church begged them from the management of plant No. 71, where they lay in the burden yard. Now they are installed as a relic on the memorial belfry.

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