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St. Mary’s Indian Orthodox Church - Pilgrim Centre. , Al Jazeera., R'as al Khaymah

St. Mary’s Indian Orthodox Church -  Pilgrim Centre.

General Details

Malankara Orthodox Church
Diocese of Bangalore.
Rev. Fr. Joe Mathew

Contact Details

Al Jazeera,Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, Al Jazeera., R'as al Khaymah, P.O. BOX No: 4780 United Arab Emirates
[email protected]
+971-7- 2435434
Head Priest:
[email protected], , +971-50- 3703321
, +971-50- 3703321

Historical Details

Build - Founding Year:
Declared as Parish & Named " St.Mary's Orthodox Church " by H.G.Dr.Paulose Mar Gregorios Diocesan Bishop of Delhi Diocese Kalpana No. 3/81 Dated 17/07/1981 : 1981, Revamping & Resumption of activities under St.Gregorios Orthodox Church, Sharjah and endorsed by Diocesan Council & H.G.Dr .Paulose Mar Gregorios on 15th Aug 1991 Vide Kalpana No. 8/91 dated 16th August 1991. : 30 th Nov. 1990, Fondation Stone Laid Nakheel Church By, H.G.Job Mar Philoxenos : 16th November 1999 Temporary Consecration & reinstatement By, H.G.Job Mar Philoxenos : 01st April 1999 Closure of the Church activities : 09th November 1999 Resumption of Church Prayers /Activities : 2001 Re-opening of Nakheel Church : 2005 Started Spiritual Organizations { OCYM, MOMS, MGOCSM } : 2005 Earth Breaking & Found Stone { Jazeera Church } H.G.Kuriakose Mar Clemis of Thumpamon Diocese : 26th December 2008 CONSECRATION { JAZEERAH CHURCH } H.H. MORAN MAR BESELIOS PAULOSE II , THE CATHOLICOSE OF THE EAST & MALANKARA METROPOLITAN ALONG WITH H.G.KURIAKOSE MAR CLEMISE , H.G.ABRAHAM MAR EPHIPHANIOS, H.G.ABRAHAM MAR SERAPHIM { DIOCESAN METROPOLITAN } : 17TH & 18TH FEBRUARY 2011 Consecration of Mar Philoxinos memorial Parish Hall at Jazeera : 29th December 2014 Consecration of Cross { KALKURISHU } in the Name of St.Mary's , St.George & St. Gregorios :16th October 2015 THIS PARISH HAS BEEN ELEVATED TO " ST. MARY’S INDIAN ORTHODOX PILGRIM CENTRE " VIDE KALPANA NO. MOSC/CMM/156/2016 By, H.H.MORAN MAR BESELIOS MARTHOMA PAULOSE II (CATHOLICOSE OF THE EAST AND MALANKARA METROPOLITAN ) ANNOUNCED BY THE DIOCESAN METROPOLITAN H.G.DR.ABRAHAM MAR SERAPHIM ON THE OCCASION OF THE FEAST OF ST.MARY, HELD ON 06TH JAN 2017 IN THE PRESENCE OF THE VICAR REV. FR. IYPE P. ALEX : 06TH JANUARY 2017.