St Melangell's Orthodox Church, Manchester, Greater Manchester

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The Communion of Western Orthodox Churches


The Orthodox Church of the Gauls

Head Priest

Subdeacon Cyprian Astley

Feast Day

May 27 - The feast of St Melangell of Powys

Historical Details

Build - Founding Year



St Melangell's Orthodox Church has affiliations (1):

  • Cyprian as Parish Council Officer

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St Cross Church, 611 Ashton New Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M11 4SG United Kingdom


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Saturday 5:30pm

Services info

St Melangell's is a new Orthodox Christian mission-in-formation, based near central Manchester. We began to meet for prayer in Advent, 2018 and we now worship together every Saturday evening with the office of Vespers. Please check our website for full details of services times. Our worship is according to the Western Rite, sung with traditional Gregorian chants as well as music composed specifically for our services by Maxim Kovalevsky. After the service, we spend time together, talking over tea and biscuits, with a more generous brunch on solemnities and some feasts. Our teaching expresses the fundamentals of the Orthodox Christian Faith and we welcome discussion after the service. We have a special mission to those who are new to faith and those who have been hurt or excluded by Christians in the past. All are welcome.