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Hesychasterion of the Most Holy Mary, Toronto, Ontario

Hesychasterion of the Most Holy Mary

General Details

Archdiocese of Canada (OCA)
'Churched' by Greek Archdiocese of Toronto & All Canada
Head Priest:
Elder Pierre (Blais), ThD [non-priest]
Feast Day:
October 14 - O.C. Holy Protection of the Theotokos
Second Feast Day:
February 15 - O.C. Theotokos Softener of Hearts

Contact Details

Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, ON Canada
[email protected]

Historical Details

Build - Founding Year:
The Hesychastic Society of the Most Holy Mary/Wawasinno Ki'chi Wa Mali'i Waabanowigaan began in 2009 as a Metochion of the Monastery of St. Silouan the Athonite. In 2016 the Monastery was dissolved; and the Hesychastic Society was reformed as a Hesychasterion and since has been 'churched' by the Greek Archdiocese. On Oct. 18, 2018 it was charged to commemorate the Patriarch of Constantinople, and Archbishop Sotirios; we choose to also commemorate Metropolitan Yurij of the UOCC. The Hesychasterion is comprised of 2 sanctified kellia (2011, 2012) in downtown TO, and 2 addresses located on Tribal lands. The Hesychasterion is open to admitting or associating with hesychastically inclined Orthodox, including Aboriginal Orthodox, and Orthodox with challenges which can be accommodated into the brotherhood. It remains the first monastic brotherhood founded by Aboriginals and Autists. The 'waabanowigaan,' in synergy with the Holy Spirit, seeks to express this relationship by attempting to advance in 8 graces: 1. hesychasm; 2. the folly of innocence; 3. fraternity; 4. idiorythmy; 5. egalitarianism; 6. a Trinitarian ascesis [Eutrapelia] of simplicity, artistry and playfulness; 7. devotion to the Names, Holy Cross & The Most Holy Mysteria; and 8. devotion to the Most Holy Mary Theotokos. Unshackled from coenobism, it is situated in the Church with a flexibility and privacy that intentionally keeps it hesychasm-focused, makes it free for discretionary needs, and purposely limits publicity - we are known of but not known - returning thus to the essence of monasticism. It has been called upon, at times, to assume responsibilities in which a priest is not always suited or available. Due to its hesychasm-focus and its spiritual heritage directly linking it to Mt. Athos, it has been called informally by the sobriquet, "New Mt. Athos". It is a tiny 'seedling' of the spirit of the early cave and kellia dwellers of the Orthodox Deserts and Mt. Athos trying to take root in the "New World" of the Aboriginals and 'Settlers'. Heychasterion's services are not open to the public. Requests for prayers, blessings and candles may be made. We research, edit, write; make/repair Aboriginal cultural or Orthodox religious artifacts; as well as produce architectural designs for worship spaces, shrines, tiny living, cabins etc. and meditative landscaping.