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St.Isaac and St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Qatar, Doha, Qatar

St.Isaac and St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Qatar

General Details

Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem
Archbp. Makarios Mavrogiannakis
Feast Day:
August 3 - 11 Nov, St.Isaac. 6 May, St. George

Contact Details

Abu Hamour, Doha, Ad Dawhah, 974 Qatar

Services Details

Friday 9:30am
Divine Liturgy:
Friday 10:30am
Thursday 7:30pm
Services info:
Prayers Schedule: Friday: Matins at 9:30 & Liturgy at 10:30 Sunday: Liturgy at 6:30 & Vesper at 19:30 Thursday: Vesper at 19:30

Historical Details

Build - Founding Year:
"I do not even God does in" (Phl 2,13) From this verse contained in the Letter of Paul the Apostle, we proceed to give a brief history of the establishment of the Greek Orthodox Church in the State of precious Qatar. That God wanted it to arise in the epoch of the enlightened leadership of His Highness the Emir of the State of Qatar the Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, May God protect him, By its wise policy preserves rights and guarantees freedom of religion for all residents safely on the soil of this land, which have outdone and resided in St. Isaac the Syriac, who was born in the seventh century in Beit Qatria country (as they were called Qatar old). At the Easter 1997 AD, Ambassador American In the State of Qatar at that time Mr. Patrick Theros - By the grace of God - gave special invitation to the Archimandrite Theophilos from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem (which is now the Patriarch) to visit the city of Doha, and Ambassador sought to obtain all the official permits stakeholders to secure the arrival of Archimandrite Theophilos and allow him to establish prayers of the last three days of the holy week as well as celebrate the holy Easter liturgy. To complete this initiative Ambassador prepared his house and called all residents parish to participate in these prayers making faith joy on the faces of parish who have thanked God for what happened to them in that year. In the 1999 the late Patriarch of Jerusalem Diodoros the I Triangle pities visit His Highness the Emir of Qatar State, His Beatitude, where the official delegation at the head of the bishops, archimandrites and priests have welcomed by His Highness the Emir is the best welcome and hospitality reflects the true Arab and emphasizes the entrenchment of the spirit of religious tolerance in the heart of the enlightened leadership of the State of Qatar, from the heart of the tolerant teachings of the religion of Islam. Since that time, Began to show signs of the establishment of the Greek Orthodox Church in the State of dear Qatar, where the Patriarch, Diodoros and who follow him- was succeeded by sending a priest for the diocese of twice a year and to establish prayers of Holy Week and Easter liturgy, and the Christmas liturgy, and it has coincided with the establishment of the State of Qatar licensing the Christian communities to establish their religious rites, as well as the emergence of the idea of holding an annual conference for the dialogue of religions, which started organizing since 2003. On the 14th of October of 2004 were divine will let the Holy synod of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem chaired by His Beatitude the Patriarch Irenios to decide the appointed Archimandrite Makarios Patriarchal Representative in Qatar for the establishment of a lasting peace in the State of Qatar to closely care spiritual affairs of the members of the parish and the establishment of prayers and Divine liturgies regularly. Since then Father Makarios start the regulation of the Orthodox parish, and visited the parish members and bless their homes by the Holy Water and he was good supportive of the church choir, which was founded one year before he came at the hands of experienced in reading Byzantine music. And in March of the year 2005 he engaged in the establishment of the Sisterhood of Myrrh Bearers, which includes a number of the ladies who take the initiative to accomplish many of the social activities. The mainly were organizing of bazaars and spiritual meeting. On the November 2005 with the cooperation of the youth group of our Church, for the catechism of our youth, established the Sunday school every Thursday evening. Nowadays in cooperation with specialists from the youth of the parish Father Makarios supervise the establishment and development of this website, which reflects the extent of enthusiasm of the youth of the parish and their cooperation and to trade the weights and development grants awarded by them God, which emphasizes that God is effective in Christ in all, and he wanted to be branch in his vine. In this context we would like to point out that our Orthodox Church in the State of Qatar is consisting out of several nationalities of its parishioners (Arabs, Cypriots, Greeks Serbs, Romanians and Russian ...). How nice to see all those races despite the different languages habits, but they belong to the Christian faith through the Holy Orthodox and Apostolic Church headed by the Christ, who redeem all the peoples of the earth and gives them the eternal life.Finally, it should be noted that our Church still maintains the liturgies and prayers in the hall of private school in the city of Doha. It is currently seeking to build a permanent church (the Church of St. Isaac and St. George) which will hold all church activities. And we already get the approval for the church plans from the official authorities to start the building process May God bless all our parish members, and all who help in our Church and all those that love the beauty of God holy house

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