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Saint Philothea Orthodox Church, Montpellier, France

General Details

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of France
Head Priest:
Metropolitan Emmanuel Adamakis
God's child
Second Priest:
God's child
Feast Day:
April 25 - Venerable Philothea of ​​Athens
Second Feast Day:
February 19

Contact Details

Domaine de Grammont, Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, 34000 France

Services Details

Sunday 9:00am
Sunday 5:00pm
Services info:
Glory be to the Lord

Historical Details

Build - Founding Year:
Venerable Philothea of ​​Athens (+1589) 19 (03.03) February The worthy martyr Philothea (in Erobashi - Rigula) appeared to the country after long prayers of God-loving parents. He was born in Athens in 1522. When the daughter, brought up in good service, reached adulthood, she was married off. Rigula's wife, a lawless and rude man, often beat and tortured his wife. The woman patiently endured the humiliation and begged the Lord to bring her husband to his senses. In three years, the saint became a widow, after which he began austere work with prayer, fasting and nights. Saint Mosagre also founded a women's monastery named after Andrew the First-Called, and the first of its residents took monasticism under the name Philothea. At that time, Greece was suffering under the yoke of the Turks. Many Athenian women were turned into spies by the enemy. Venerable Philothea used every effort to save his compatriots, he even redeemed many. Once four women came to the Holy Mother's sabbath - they were running away from the lords who were asking them to deny Christ. The Turks found out the whereabouts of the refugees, entered the cell of the worthy mother and brutally tortured her. Then the saint was brought to the head of the city, who ordered to throw him into prison. The next morning, Saint Tusagh threatened to kill you if you did not deny Christianity. The worthy mother was ready for the end of martyrdom, but the Christians gathered by the will of God managed to save her. Returning to the monastery, Saint Philothea intensified his activities. He founded a new monastery in the suburbs and continued to work here with the sisters. On the feast of Saint Dionysus Areopagel (January 4 and October 3), the Turks captured the saint, brutally tortured him and threw him to the ground alive. The sisters of the Philothea monastery escorted the spirit warrior to the village of Kilogrez with words and tears, where he died on February 19, 1589. Soon the holy body of the martyr was transferred to the Athens Cathedral. Lives of Saints", Volume I, Tbilisi, 2001

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