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Protection of the Mother of God Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Paraná

Protection of the Mother of God Ukrainian Orthodox Church

General Details

Curitiba - Saint John the Baptist
Head Priest:
Volodymer (Koubech)
Demetrio Kovalski
Feast Day:
October 1

Contact Details

Rua Maranhao, 475, Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Paraná, 83040-060 Brazil
[email protected]
Head Priest:
[email protected],
[email protected]

Historical Details

Build - Founding Year:
In 1880 the first immigrants from Ukraine started to settle in Brazilian lands. For decades most of these people lived and worked in the countryside of Brazil and there established their first churches and received their first priests from Ukraine. In order to search for a better quality of live and better conditions of work, a big number of immigrants moved to the capital city of the state of Paraná and the cities nearby. One of these cities which received a considerable number of this people was the city of São José dos Pinhais mainly after the 1960s. Trying to maintain their orthodox faith the first liturgical services were celebrated at homes of the faithful by priest coming from the capital city Curitiba. Because of the increasing number of faithful, a church in this city was requested from the hierarchy of the church and in 1976 the church was founded under the patronage of the Pokrova – The Protection of the Mother of God.