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Chiliandariou Monastery, Mount Athos, Chalkidiki

Chiliandariou Monastery

General Details

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
Head Priest:
Archim. Mojsije
Feast Day:
November 21 - Presentation of the Theotokos

Contact Details

Chiliandariou Monastery, Mount Athos, Chalkidiki, 63086 Greece
+30 23770-23797
+30 23770-23494

Historical Details

Build - Founding Year:

The monastery lies on the north-east side of the peninsula. Its name is derived probably from the founder of an earlier monastic settlement at this spot, who was called Chelandaris. The monastery was founded in the late 12th century by the Serbian ruler Stephen Nemanya I and his son Rastko. During the 14th century, the monastery reached its highest peak, accumulating riches and heirlooms from imperial as well as private donnations.

It is considered to be the main spiritual center of the Serbs. It holds the fourth place in the hierarchical rank of the monasteries, it is coenobitic (communal) and is inhabited by 46 monks (1990).

The katholikon is dedicated to the Presentation of the Mother of God. It was built at the beginning of the fourteenth century and follows the Byzantine Athonite plan. The murals of the church were executed in 1319-20, while some walls were painted over in 1803 by an artist with expressionist leanings. Aside from the Katholikon, the monastery also features 13 small chapels.

Near the entrance of the Katholikon stands the Phiale for the blessing of the waters and to the west side of the monastery the refectory, a memorial building.

The Library is well organized and contains 181 Greek codices, as well as 809 Slavonic ones, 400 documents and 20,000 printed books of which 3,000 are written in Greek.

The monastery features an original and a new treasury. The original houses valuable stones from the eleventh and twelfth centuries and the new one features embroidered vestments, a splinter from Christ?s crown of thorns, relics of saints, etc.

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